Saturday, August 2, 2008

Watching Over

Here's a statue of a saint that is located on top of Cerro del Obispado (Bishop's Hill).

It's right on the edge of a small square looking into the City and to the Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Hill) that appears on the center of the photo.

Esta es la estatua de un santo que está en la cima del Cerro del Obispado.

Está puesta en la orilla de una pequeña plaza desde donde observa la Ciudad y el Cerro de la Silla que aparece en el centro de la foto.

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Jules said...

What an amazing spot that statue has - million dollar views!!

I do love dreadlocks - they are quite popular here in PNG too. I think you need a really interesting face to carry them off though.

Thanks for your kind message on my blog. The accident was horrific with a family devastated - their Mum killed, and her 2 teenage boys critically injured. The only saving grace - the youngest child got out with only scratches. Life is short so we must make the most of it everyday!!!