Sunday, August 3, 2008

Steel Gallery

This was my runner up for August's Theme Day.

Its right at the entrace to the exhibit in the Steel Museum called Museo Horno 3 (Museum Furnance 3) at Fundidora Park, quite a long name isn't it?

A Steel worker carring the name of the exhibit that can be translated to something like “Steel Maker”. Here you can learn the whole process that takes place to produce steel, from the mines to take the iron ore to the possible products that are derived from steel, sans Superman or the NFL team though.

Esta era mi otra opción para el Tema del Día de Agosto.

Está justo en la entrada a la exhibición en el Museo del Acero, llamado Museo Horno 3 en el Parque Fundidora.

Es un trabajador de la Acerera cargando el nombre de la exhibición “Acería”. En ella pueden aprender como es el proceso completo para producir el acero, desde que se obtienen los materiales en las minas hasta  los diferentes productos derivados de este metal, aunque con las notables excepciones de Superman y el equipo de la NFL.


Hilda said...

I love their sign — very unique and the texture is wonderful. Sounds like a very interesting museum.

Hendrawan said...

nice, you like taking every unique photo!

Rafa said...

Its very well designed since much of it is interactive.

Thanks for visiting