Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can you count them? - Rubber Ducky Race - Series 1.2

Here are the duckies in the river... the water could not be seen when they were close together after being dropped.

How many do you see here?? This weren't all of the duckies on the race, but maybe most of them.

Overall there were 30,000 rubber duckies, each “adopted” for around 5 US Dollars that went to this charity (sorry, only in Spanish).

These are the previous posts about the race.

More details to come...

Aquí están los patitos en el río... el agua no se podía ver cuando acababan de soltarlos y estaban muy juntos.

¿¿Cuántos ven?? Estos no eran todos los patitos en la carrera, pero tal vez la mayoría.

En total hubo 30,000 patitos de hule, cada uno “adoptado” por 50 pesos que fueron donados al Instituto Nuevo Amanecer.

Aquí están las entradas previas sobre la carrera.

Más detalles en los siguientes días.


Snapper said...

Man-o-man that's a lot of ducks!

Jilly said...

Incredible. A bathtime dream!

JM said...

That is amazing!
Now I'm starting to understand how it works... :-)

Bibi said...

This has got to be one of the cutest photos I've seen in a long time!

Steve Buser said...

Apparently after counting each one I could see, there are about 12 missing. ;-000

Rafa said...

Thanks for your comments

jilly - sure is a bathtime dream, but you'll need a huge bathtub, hehe

steve - great comment!! :)