Sunday, August 31, 2008

All We Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance

Yesterday, thousands of people took the streets all over the Country. This was to protest for the insecurity that has spiked in recent years, especially kidnappings and violent murders.

The protest was called “Let's Lighten Mexico”, organisers ask for all that wanted to be involved to dress in plain white and carry a candle, which was to be lighten at the end of the protest right in front of the Government Office in every City.

It is estimated that 100,000 people took the streets in Mexico City and around 200,000 in the whole Country.

This make news all over the World, here are some newspapers from Houston, the UK, and as far as Australia.

Here are some pictures from the protest in Monterrey, and also from Mexico City.

Ayer miles de personas salieron a las calles en todo el país. Esto para protestar contra la inseguridad que ha aumentado en los últimos años, especialmente los secuestros y asesinatos violentos.

La protesta se llamó “Iluminemos México”, los organizadores pidieron a todos quienes quisieran participar que vistieran completamente en blanco y llevaran una vela, que sería encendida al llegar a la oficina de Gobierno en cada Ciudad. Aquí está la noticia por CNN en Español.

Se estima que participaron 100,000 personas en la Ciudad de México y 200,000 personas en el todo el país.

Este evento fue noticia alrededor del Mundo, aquí hay algunos periódicos de EspañaHouston, Gran Bretaña, e incluso tan lejos como Australia.

Aquí hay algunas fotos de la protesta en Monterrey, y también de la Ciudad de Mexico.


JM said...

I've heard about the protest on the news; incredible images on tv: everyone dressed in white!
Hope mexican people get what they are fighting for!

Steffe said...

Read a few articles about this I really hope Let's Lighten Mexico works.

Rafa said...

It was real big...we all hope some change happens from this