Monday, September 1, 2008

Theme Day: Sister Cities

Today's Theme Day is Sister Cities, meaning that the post should be from a Sister City. Monterrey has a plenty to choose from, such as Barcelona (Spain), Hamilton (Canada), Medellín (Colombia), Rosario (Argentina), Orlando (Florida) and Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Dallas (all in Texas), among many others.

This photo is from Dallas, it was taken inside Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Two facts about the team:

You can check the Sister Cities relationships all over the world in the links at the bottom of this post.
El Tema del Día es Ciudades Hermanas, buscando que poner una foto de una Ciudad hermana. Monterrey tiene muchas opciones como: Barcelona (España), Hamilton (Canada), Medellín (Colombia), Rosario (Argentina), Orlando (Florida) y Corpus Christi, San Antonio y Dallas (todas en Texas) entre otras.
Esta foto es de Dallas, fué tomada dentro del Estadio Texas, hogar de los Vaqueros de Dallas. Dos puntos sobre el equipo:
Pueden ver las relaciones de las Ciudades Hermanas alrededor del Mundo en los siguientes vínculos.
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Kim said...

Wow, Monterrey has lots of city relationships to choose from for theme day. I liked seeing in your text where the Cowboys franchise ranked in world sports standings. They are a going concern, that's for sure. I do prefer Monterey to Dallas for atmosphere, though. Your city is quite beautiful.
Seattle Daily Photo

D.C. Confidential said...

Great photo! I'm with Kim: I'd rather visit Monterrey than Dallas any day!

Dallas Daily said...

Great post...I can't believe I missed theme day. How does one do theme?

Rafa said...

Thanks!! You are welcome anytime in here!