Friday, March 7, 2008

To the Ecologist that we all have Inside

Found this and just had to stop to get  a picture.

This tree is outside a house and sure gets more than a few views everyday.  You just don't find a Mickey Mouse look-a-like topiary 1,300 miles outside Disneyland that often.

Me topé con esto y simplemente tuve que parar para tomar una foto.

Este árbol está afuera de una casa y seguramente obtiene más de una mirada por día. Simplemente no te encuentras árboles podados como Mickey Mouse a 2,000 kms de Disneylandia. 


oldmanlincoln said...

Those kinds of things take a lot of work over a long period of time. Nice photo of it.

Jim said...

Very cute.

Chris said...

The last time I was in Mexico City, we saw a display of bushes trimmed to look like animals. I always wonder at how much work must go into doing that.

I see that they moved your blog. Que bueno!

Rose said...

You need to put comments on the photo of the day!!!
I want to talk about the picture of that church...wonderful!!!
Keep up the good work.