Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Friendly Airline that Delivers

Have you heard about airlines promising that will receive you with a smile? 

Well this one sure does! just check the front of the airplane and you can see the smile painted on the aircraft (it's a bit blocked but you can still look at it).

This picture is from Monterrey's International Airport (MTY) as the airport's crew is getting ready the flight to take off.

The Airline is Aviacsa which is based here and have routes mostly inside of Mexico, the only international flight is to Las Vegas.

¿Han escuchado aerolíneas prometiendo recibirlos con una sonrisa?

¡Esta lo hace! sólo revisa la parte delantera del avión y puedes ver la sonrisa pintada en la aeronave. (está un poco tapada, pero se alcanza a ver).

Esta foto es del Aeropuerto Internacional de Monterrey (MTY) cuando los trabajadores estaban preparando el avión para salir.

La Aerolínea es Aviacsa que tiene sus oficinas aquí y sus rutas son principalmente dentro de México, el único vuelo internacional es a Las Vegas.


Kim said...

This is my first chance to visit and say welcome to the CDPB community! I've just spent many pleasant minutes looking through all your photos and posts, and they are wonderful. I am glad to be able to visit Monterey through your lens. You have a great eye for beautiful shots. It makes me want to board a plane headed for your airport ;^)
Seattle Daily Photo

Chuck Pefley said...

I'm also from Seattle, as is Kim in the previous comment. I agree with her comments. And friendly service on airlines these days is sometime not found. I'd love to sample the hospitality of your airline. The smile reminds me a little of our Alaska Airlines with the smiling Eskimo face on each plane. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Chris said...

I like Southwest Airlines because they paint some of their planes. My favorite is the one painted like Shamu, the whale.

Your blog, by the way, is located under South America in the search on CDP. You might ask that they move you to the North America which is where it belongs (and where all the other Mexican blogs are).