Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Theme Day: Big

Today's Theme Day is Big.

This is the biggest Flag (and flag pole) in all Mexico,  measuring 50 meters long and 29 meters high (164 x 95 feet) and weights 230 kilos (507 pounds).

The flag pole is 100 meters high, which is around 328 feet; you can even look at its shadow from the satellite images at Google Maps. Is located at the top of a small mountain, which makes it visible from a large part of the City.

This is supposely one of the biggest in the World. If someone knows of a bigger Flag or Flag Pole somewhere, please let me know in the comments.

You can look at how Big things are around the world in the links below to all the participants in the Theme Day.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

El Tema del Día es Grande.

Esta es la Bandera (y el Asta) más grande de México, mide 50 metros de ancho por 29 de alto y pesa 230 kilos.

El Asta mide 100 metros de altura, incluso se puede ver la sombra en las imágenes de satélite de Google Maps. Aparte está sobre un cerro que hace que se vea desde casi toda la Ciudad.

Esta es, supuestamente, una de las banderas más grandes del Mundo. Si alguien conoce  una Bandera o un Asta más grande en alguna parte, por favor avíseme en los comentarios.

Pueden ver que tan Grandes son las cosas alrededor del Mundo en las ligas que vienen abajo hacia todos los participantes en el Tema.

Click aquí para ver a los demás participantes


Steffe said...

Wow. That is one big flag. I don't have any info about any bigger flag. Great choice for the theme day it is.

Leif Hagen said...

That's a BIG flag indeed! Beautiful photo of a BIG flag for theme day!

Hilda said...

I just came by to greet you a happy birthday!

When are you going to start posting again? Hope you're okay.

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