Monday, June 1, 2009

Theme Day: Feet

Today's Theme Day is Feet.

This is the Finish Line from one of the biggest races in Monterrey organized by Duendes (elves) Club. This is a 5k and 10k race for adults and a small 1k run for the kids.

A lot of families participate in the races and is a great way to motivate all of them to share a few moments everyday preparing for them.

To check all the participants in the Theme Day check the link below.

El Tema del Día es Pies.

Esta es la meta de una de las carreras más grandes en Monterrey organizada por el Club Duendes. Es una carrera de 5k y 10k para adultos y de 1k para niños.

Muchas familias participan en las carreras y sirve de motivación para que todos puedan compartir algunos momentos preparándose a correrla.

Para ver todos los participantes en el Tema del Día vean el siguiente vínculo.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants // Haz click aquí para ver a todos los participantes


Leif Hagen said...

Hola Mexican feet! Monterrey feet meet other feet! Fun feet, happy feet to meet and greet! Adios feet! Great theme FEET, a treat! EAGAN daily photo feet greet from my Minnesota street!

Julie said...

Hola Monterrey Feet! Very colorful and festive.

B Squared said...

Great idea. Here they are called Fun Runs.

Carraol said...

Hola, ya de regreso? Muy buena toma. Saludos.

moko said...

chido por los piess buena toma