Saturday, November 1, 2008

Theme Day: Books

This is from this year International Book Fair that was held in Monterrey a few days ago. Lots of people and even more books!!

This month theme is books. You can see book from everywhere in the link below.

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Esta es la Feria Internacional de Libro de Monterrey de hace algunos días. Mucha gente pero ¡muchos más libros!

El tema de este mes es libros. Pueden ver libros de todas partes en el vínculo de abajo.

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Ilse said...

Looks like a gala even!

Clueless in boston said...

Did they have any good sales on books?

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

What a great event this is. Nice photo for the theme, too.

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

We have our book fair here in Belgrade now, too, though I used a different book picture for today's theme day. :)

Jackie said...

Good choice!

Jilly said...

This would be heaven to me.

Anonymous said...

I really like good books to read and have a few myself.

I forgot about this being a theme day about books so I found several of the ones I wrote more recently and photographed and posted them.

slim said...

Very festive and nice timing for this. Every day is book day!

Rafa said...

Thanks for all your visits and comments.

It was really well timed as this almost happen the week before Theme Day!

clueless in boston - This might be the biggest week on book sales in the year for those involved. Lots of people goes to the Fair.