Monday, November 3, 2008

Day of the Dead or All Saints Day 1.2

This is another of the views from dead on the Day of the Dead.

Other part of the tradition is to put up altars to relatives or famous people that are no longer with us. They are decorated with photos, flowers and candy as a memorial for them.

You can even see some of these figures, such as a bride or a mariachi.

Esta es otra de las representaciones de los muertos en el día de los Muertos.

Otra parte de la tradición es la de montar altares a los familiares o famosos que ya no están con nosotros. Son decorados con fotos, flores y dulces como tributo a ellos.

Incluso pueden ver figuras como estas, como una novia o un mariachi.


alaya said...

looks scary, but interesting

Anonymous said...

I would get nervous with all this around me.

Kate said...

I love these figures and the tradition is much better than ours here in the US. Death shouldn't be that scary (altho I think it is!).