Saturday, October 18, 2008

“Deer” Readers Series 1.4

Where are going those two guys walking??  To take a class!!

These deer live in the gardens of a local College, Tec de Monterrey.

They are roaming freely, sometimes being right in the path of the students (or maybe is the other way around).

¿¿A dónde van esas 2 personas caminando?? ¡¡ A clase !!

Estos venados viven en los jardines de una Universidad local, el Tec de Monterrey.

Van libres por el campus, incluso algunas veces en el camino de los estudiantes (o tal vez los estudiantes en el camino de los venados).


Abraham Lincoln said...

I am glad the deer have a place to call home. Nice photo.

Kate said...

I'm surprised that the deer hang around. At first I thought that the deer was a statue. Wonderful that they remain unharmed.