Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheering from the Stands - World Junior Swimming Championship - Series 1.3

I'm not sure that they were more than the others, but surely the Polish (red shirts) and Russian (behind in blue and with the flag) were the noisiest! Most of them were relatives or other swimmers that were supporting their fellow swimmers in their competences

A couple of weeks ago, Monterrey hosted the 2nd FINA World Junior Swimming Championships, which basically is the biggest competition for the age bracket of the swimmers that should be somewhere around 17-18 and under.

There were a few competitors that will even participate in this year's Olympic Games in Beijing, so it was a good show.

Next week I'll continue to post some more photos from the event.

No creo que fueran más, ¡pero seguro los Polacos (de rojo) y Rusos (de azul y con la bandera) fueron los más ruidosos! La mayoría de ellos eran parientes u otros competidores que apoyaron a sus compañeros en sus competencias.

Hace un par de semanas, Monterrey fue sede de los 2os. Campeonatos Mundiales Juveniles de la FINA, que es la mayor competencia para los competidores en la edad, que debe ser de 17 o 18 y menores.

Hubo algunos participantes que incluso van a estar en los Juegos Olímpicos de Beijing, así que había buen nivel.

La semana que entra seguiré publicando fotos del evento.

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