Saturday, May 3, 2008

Barrio Antiguo Series - 2 of 3

This is part of a series that I begun publishing yesterday.

This zone is called “Barrio Antiguo” (Old Downtown). The building here one of the bars located in the zone, its closed since they open only at night. 

As I told you before, not many people lives here anymore since there are many bars like this, each a few meters from each other,  which makes very unsettling to try to sleep at night with a lot of people bar hopping.  

Esta es parte de una serie que comencé a publicar ayer.

Este es el Barrio Antiguo. El edificio es uno de los bares que está en la zona, está cerrado porque abren sólo de noche.

Como les comenté antes, mucha gente ya no vive aquí debido a que hay muchos bares como este, cada uno a sólo unos metros del otro, lo que hace difícil poder dormir mientras la gente va de un bar a otro.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it is progress to have so many bars so close to each other. Do lots of people drink there where you live?

Rafa said...

Its been increasing in the last few years.

Part of this is since there's a brewery here, the other is that they advertise all day long, especially on sports.