Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adopt a Rubber Ducky!!!

Here is another rubber duck sighting in the City!! (See yerterday's) Now at the door of a supermarket.

A rubber duckies race is being organized for charity (here's the link in Spanish) (and a second link if you'd like to donate). People can "adopt" a rubber ducky for about 5 US Dollar and on a few weeks thousands will be released at Paseo Santa Lucía.

Each ducky has a number based on which sponsors will award some prizes, depending who are the first to arrive to the other end of the river.

¡¡Otra aparición de un patito de hule en la Ciudad!! (Vean la de ayer) Ahora en la puerta de un supermercado.

Se está organizando una carrera de patitos de hule a beneficio de Nuevo Amanecer (pueden hacer donaciones siguiendo esta liga). Se puede "adoptar" un patito de hule por 50 pesos y en unas semanas se soltarán miles en el Paseo Santa Lucía.

Cada patito tiene un número en base al cual se repartirán premios de los patrocinadores, dependiendo cuales lleguen primero al otro lado del río.


crittoria said...

We have a rubber ducky race in West Paris, Maine, too!! It will be held in June, so you'll have to check out my blog then for photos...http://oxfordhillsdailyphoto.blogspot.com

Tash said...

I love that duck!
There is a rubber ducky race in Breckenridge, Colorado too, where we vacationed a few year ago.

Rafa said...

Can't wait to read about it!!

Ours will be mid June also. I'll let you know how it goes.