Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is this a Sculpture??

This is at Valle Oriente (Eastern Valley). 

When the zone was developed some 15-20 years ago, a couple of these were installed thru the main avenue. They are a “V” and an “O” which stand for Valle Oriente, so the name could be easily remembered, I guess.

Could this be considered a sculpture??

Esta está en Valle Oriente.

Cuando la zona fué desarrollada hace unos 15-20 años, algunas de estas fueron instaladas en la avenida principal. Son una “V” y una “O” que significan Valle Oriente, me imagino que para que se acordaran fácilmente del nombre.

¿¿Se le puede llamar una escultura??


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would call it sculpture. It looks a lot better than some sculpture we have around here.

Ioanna said...

Impresive "sculpure"!!!

babooshka said...

Sculpture. Not for me, but it's very striking. Well taken.

Rafa said...

Thanks for visiting.

I think that it isn't maybe more like a landmark or something like that