Sunday, March 2, 2008

“I want to be Bob Dylan...”

Or so the Counting Crows sing in Mr. Jones

Bob Dylan gave a concert here last Friday. In all honesty I like Mr. Jones more than any of Dylan's songs but, although not a big fan, I know that he's one of music greatest legends. 

The reviews in newspapers and radio stations say that it was a great show, altough he didn't interact much with the audience. 

The building in the photo is the Arena Monterrey, which is where the event was held.

O al menos así dicen los Counting Crows en Mr. Jones.

Bob Dylan dió un concierto aquí el viernes pasado. Honestamente me gusta más Mr. Jones que cualquiera de las canciones de Dylan aunque sé que es una de las leyendas de la música.

En el radio y en los periódicos dicen que estuvo muy bueno el concierto aunque no interactuó mucho con el público.

El edificio en la foto es la Arena Monterrey, que es donde fué el evento.


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edwin s said...

That's a fancy looking arena. Must be a great place to hold concerts and exhibitions.

Kate said...

Yup, it looks like a great place for concerts. Dylan is one of "our boys, ya know" -- in Minnesota, where I'll be returning on March 29. Sorry to have to leave your welcoming country!