Thursday, March 13, 2008

Got Change?

This is a bunch of old Mexican coins that were being sold as collector's items.

There are from several denominations: from a few cents to 200 pesos. 

We had a difficult financial stretch in Mexico from the mid 70s to the late 90s, were debt rose and the Mexican Peso devaluated.

As the finances stabilized, the Government decided to make “new pesos” taking 3 zeros from every denomination, so it could be easier to make transactions. So that 200 pesos coin is worth 20 cents today, and  that is why it has more value to sell the coins to collectors.

Estas son monedas Mexicanas antiguas vendidas para coleccionistas.

Son de diferentes denominaciones: desde centavos hasta 200 pesos. 

Hubo una época financieramente difícil en México de mediados de los 70s hasta finales de los 90s, donde la deuda creció y el Peso se devalúo. 

Cuando las finanzas se estabilizaron, el Gobierno decidió de hacer “nuevos pesos” quitando 3 ceros de todas las denominaciones, para facilitar las transacciones. Así que esa moneda de 200 pesos vale 20 centavos hoy, y por eso conviene venderlas a coleccionistas.


gizelle said...

Ésos son muchos de monedas!

In the Philippines we also call our currency, Peso...but I guess the value is different, my dad has lots of these and other cins around the much do you get for a 200pesos when sold to a collector?

Bergson said...

I like the money in photograph; I also like in my pocket

Rafa said...

I'll check that fro you gizelle.

we all like it more to carry it aroung bergson, that's for sure :)