Monday, March 31, 2008

Figure It Out

Can you guess what it is in this photo??

For some people that have seen it, it takes a few minutes to figure it out, but when they know what it is seems clear from the beginning.  

The answer in 2 days.

Hint: Its related to April's Theme Day (which will be posted tomorrow).

¿Sabes que es lo que está en la foto?

Algunas de las personas que la han visto se tardan en encontrarle forma, cuando saben que es aparece claro desde el principio.

La respuesta en 2 días.

Una pista: Tiene que ver con el Tema de Abril (que se publica mañana).


Hyde DP said...

looks a bit like soap suds - are you in a car inside a carwash?

bitingmidge said...

Or an aquarium?

Sunshine Coast Daily

Ming the Merciless said...

I don't know. Now you got me curious as hell.

Jilly said...

I can't figure this out. Perhaps it's water after an artist has cleaned the brush? It's pretty anyway, lovely colours. Look forward to the answer.

Chris said...

I'm with Ming and Jilly. . .I'm quite lost. Que es?

Rafa said...

Well it lasted a good 60 seconds or so :)

Just as I published the post hyde dp, nailed it.

The picture is from inside of a car wash, as the soap is been poured in the glass.

I'll try to get a more explicit picture fro next week, since I reaaly didn't like others I took.