Friday, February 29, 2008

The only way to begin...

Welcome to the first post!

The only way I can imagine to show you my city is with its most important landmark: El Cerro de la Silla (The Saddle Hill). This is as seen from the ITESM or Tec de Monterrey as is most widely known.

The name comes from its shape, which seems like a horse saddle. This has become the “official logo” of the City and even for the State.

¡Bienvenidos al Primer Mensaje!

La única forma en la que puedo mostrarles mi ciudad es con su distintivo más importante: El Cerro de la Silla. Aquí es como se ve desde el Tec de Monterrey.

El nombre sale de la forma, la cual es como una silla de montar. Se ha convertido en el “logo oficial” de la ciudad e incluso del Estado.


edwin s said...

hello raf! welcome to the DP community! can't wait till 2012 to congratulate you on your 1st anniversary. :)

Olivier said...

Bonjour et bienvenu dans le monde des DP. On va découvrir Monterrey
Good morning and welcome in the world of DP. They are going to discover Monterrey

Kate said...

I also would like to welcome you to the "family" and hope that you enjoy us. I know that we'll enjoy another México blog. I m visiting Mazatlán again for the winter; come see my blog!

George Townboy said...

Very cool!

We started CDPB the same day!